Makerspace Consulting

Greg Flanagan has expertise in digital fabrication, including CNC routing, laser cutting, and 3D printing. He has equivalent expertise in old world woodworking and building techniques. He is extremely skilled and passionate about both making and learning. He’s also super friendly and loves to talk about maker spaces.

Greg has provided consulting services or been involved with a variety of makerspaces.

He runs his own workshop, Tree on a Hill Workshop, and does a lot of work with his ShopBot CNC router. Most of the work that he does in his shop is commission-based, and he’s won a few awards for his work.

Because of his passion for both making and learning, he enjoys instructing at the University of St Thomas’ Mechanical Engineering Lab, at the University of Minnesota’s Workshop and DigiFabLab, and at Leonardo’s Basement. He also does freelance training/troubleshooting for other folks who own ShopBots. He was the Direction of Operations and an instructor at The Mill, a former maker space in NE Minneapolis.